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Property Management


Property Management

Our firm was originally founded with property management in mind; so it is at the core of all that we do. If the easy things are done well more complex work often follows. It is at the less glamorous end of the property spectrum but there is satisfaction to be derived from getting the deal done and appreciating the operational importance inherent in a lot of the work. Management work can underpin value especially where considering covenant strength/guarantees and indemnities/and contingent liability.

We work closely with our litigators in this arena dealing with strategy; breaches of covenant; service charge disputes; dilapidations; 1954 Act Notices; and service of break notices. Our property portal work and unlimited granular access to correspondence folders on live transactions creates transparency of service and sets us apart from the competition. We are experienced in large and complex portfolio management. We try to work in collaboration with our clients sharing their data through the real time portal service and keeping the information up to date and organised essentially via hierarchical folder structures. This management service with a ‘best in class’ word search means we and our clients are able to find relevant information quickly. We are experimenting with Natural Language Processing to perform contextual searches as well: our goal is to make the data we hold do more for them. Having whole portfolios digitised including Construction/ Environmental/ H&S information/ risk assessments/ EPC’s, VAT details and other surveys means organising related transactional work is easy and simple. If you organise things well, first time, and save it in one place where everyone looks, it saves time and cost in the long run.

Typical work includes:

  • Our top 30 clients all have portal folders with scanned copies of all property documents we deal with for them.

  • Management of a 50 acre industrial site with over 250 current leases and keeping all the files up to date.

  • Managing a 5,000 acre mixed estate comprising commercial, residential and agricultural holdings with in excess of 15,000 documents stored.

  • Portfolio management and data storage for a plc with over 260 separate freehold, long leasehold and rack rented operational properties spread nationwide with a typical lot size in excess of £1M. Granting third party accesses to folders for advisors and clients alike and permitting batch upload, download and renaming and reorganisation of files and documents. There are 25,000 documents and folders involved.

  • Searches at the Land Registry to investigate ownership within a group of 46 companies to clarify ownership. Creating map search scans showing adjacent land ownership. The subsequent creation and publishing of a full portal of information and schematic diagram showing both group structure and the class of property interests held by each company.